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Pelican, Github Pages and auto-deployment (SOCIS 2017)

After several weeks thinking that SOCIS would not launch this year, finally the long-awaited email arrived! I am really happy for being selected by poliastro and my mentor @astrojuanlu, with the aim of creating an API, relying on NASA Open APIs, in order to provide small-bodies orbital data (my proposal can be seen here).

Our plan is to write a weekly blog entry, stating and documenting what have been done during that period. I think these posts will be a great way of reviewing what have been accomplished, and I also hope they will be interesting enough to anyone interested in Python, science, NEOs, or just reading random internet blogs.

This has been the first one of eight weeks (yeah, that’s not what my proposal timeline says, but it’s all we have 😊), and, surprisingly, the first task I …